Geophysics – detect the unseen

Magnetometry is a technique of measuring and mapping patterns of magnetism in the soil. Deviations of the intensity of the normal Earth’s magnetic field are simply provoked by the magnetic contrast between the archaeological features and the soils and sediments, therefore enable us to detect archaeological sites or the installations of the infrastructure beneath the ground.

The ground penetration radar survey is a method based on the propagation, fracture and reflection of high frequency electromagnetic waves, which depends on the electrical features (mostly permittivity and conductivity) of the surveyed objects. A major advantage of the method is the three-dimensional imaging possibility: the results can be evaluated in depth-slices in the survey area. Accordingly, it is considered a time-consuming method.

The geophysical survey could provide information about the land of the constructions and other investments. The survey is a non-destructive investigation which means that the clients have important data about the content of the soil before any expensive construction work.