Office containers

We can create a professional workplace for you and your employees in any season which can be installed anywhere. The construction of office containers depends only on the customer’s expectations, because we create the requested container office with a comfortable mobile office, meeting room, a manager’s office with full infrastructure, a movable glass panoramic customer service point, furniture and security solutions.

Storage containers

You can now easily find a safe, transportable, re-installable storage container that can be loaded in any layout. If you choose to rent a storage container, we will transform 20 or 40 feet sea containers into real mobile warehouses that protect the values stored in them from unauthorized access as well as from the vicissitudes of nature.

Sanitary containers

Together with our partners we have been designing and developing the infrastructure of outdoor festivals with a capacity of tens of thousands for almost a decade. We have introduced a number of functionally and mechanically developed devices and systems by designing special containers, of which our sanitary containers are outstanding. For example, the modular 18-unit shower system (previously the 6-unit system was the largest on the market); design of mobile and high-performance water heaters and special mobile water and sewage systems; we were the first (based on experience in Switzerland and Germany) soil protection coatings.

Living containers

“We’re building a city, anywhere, anytime!” -Based on the motto of our company, we are able to design any residential container anywhere based on individual needs, which can accommodate up to 8 people together. It can be any temporary or even long-term solution, our rental containers are sure to meet all expectations.

Advantages of our rentable residential containers:

Easy, fast installation;

Interiors that can be easily varied as expected;

Representative appearance;

Transportation and installation of the containers with complete internal equipment;

You can even rent a sanitary part;