The Scordiscus Group with its more than 8 years of experience and permanent partners provides full-scale, professional assistance from the planning to the construction of large-scale events and construction infrastructures. The Scordiscus Group provides its services in the Netherlands from 2021, after the aquisition of the local branch of the Salisbury Group which had experience in the soil sciences and network in the construction sector in the country.

As a result of a well-trained, stable team of professionals and continuous improvements, all of the tools are available to run outdoor events with tens of thousands participiants professionally or to support major construction investments with complex infrastructure. We help to solve all of the air conditioning problems, we explain the operation and usability of heat blowers. We can help you to figure out which is the best solution for heating, ventilating or even cooling solution in different spaces. We can provide high level assistance about the soil sciences to have the best knowledge about the place of the investment.